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FaLebanon Interview with Hamza Kheir and Tarek Thabet

Hamza Kheir, 26 years old, is considered by many observers as one of the best center-backs in the Lebanese Football League. But the native of Tripoli is not yet included in the National Team squad.

Maroun Mahfoud interviewed him after Salam Zgharta’s win against Shabab Al Sahel in the round 3 of the League.

It was the perfect game for Hamza who scored and at the same it was the second game in a row that his team doesn’t concede any goal.

Q: Congratulations on your goal today. In the first three games, you had as much clean sheets as the whole last season. What made the defense line more organized?

A: Thanks God for the result and the win as it is well deserved. The tactical discipline of all players from the striker to the goalkeeper is behind the clean sheets this season. We all defend as a team and we all attack as a team just like the coach asks us to do. I hope we continue this form in the next games of the season.

Q: What is the goal of Salam Zgharta this season? Is it Top 6 (Elite Cup), Top 3 or the Championship?

A: Every season we enter with a different ambition; this year we should be competing for the championship. We will try this year to do as much good results as possible and get as high as we can get in the table.

Q: What is your take on not getting called up to the Lebanese National Football Team?

A: For what concerns the National Team I am ready for whenever I get the call-up. When the duty calls I am ready.

Q: Do you think you can compete other proven center-backs in the Lebanese National Football Team?

A: Nothing is impossible.

The Tunisian Coach of Salam Zgharta Tarek Thabet declared that Salam are playing good, the game against Rajaa Casablanca took its toll on the team, and we didn’t get much rest this week with 2 games in 5 days but we played well. After the international break, we will see a more rested, improved Salam Zgharta.

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