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Lebanon vs South Korea: Pre-Match Press Conference

Hassan Maatouk: “It will be a difficult game. But we are ready. We know that our fans will be present and will help us”

“Due to the stop of the league last month, we played friendly games with our clubs. We have a good spirit in the national team. It will help us.”

“The return of Bassel Jradi and Joan Oumari is an important added-value for the team”

Liviu Ciobotariu: “We are facing a difficult situation. We have injured players. Nader Matar will not start tomorrow. Hilal El-Helwe might not start tomorrow”

“We are all affected by the events. I am waiting for my players to give eveything they have on the pitch. We want to give happiness to Lebanon’s people.”

“Bassel Jradi and Joan Oumari are ready now to play for Lebanon. Bassel Jradi is a versatile player so I can use it in many positions. Tomorrow morning, I will decide who will be the starters ”

Questions for Seung-Gyu Kim:

How do you see your chances?

Lebanon have a very good team especially offensively, it will be a difficult away game. We should be confident. We will do everything to win

We will have a high attendance tomorrow, do you see this as a stress effect on you as a team and as a goalkeeper? (FaLebanon)

I have played to many games away from home. Some games were full house and others were empty stadiums. To me i love the games that are full house and it gives me more confidence to play better.

You just arrived to Lebanon and you will not have any training here, will this affect your performance tomorrow?

Its not something that we worry about. We all played in similar conditions that we will play in tomorrow.

We will use the warm up time to get to know the pitch more.

Questions for Coach Paulo Bento:

Is Son psychologically ready to play?

I spoke with Son after the incident. These things happen and I don’t see why he wouldnt be mentally fit to play. Tomorrow it will be a tough game and everyone will be in their best condition.

The fact that you will not conduct a training before the game in Lebanon is considered a risk or an act of self confidence?

We decided to prepare the game in Abou Dhabi, in good condition. We respect all the opponents now and we always will. Having the training or not, is not a sign of disrepesct but just a decision for the best of the team.

Have you ever watched Lebanon?

Lebanon is a good team that want to play with the aim to control the game. Very similar to us. Lebanon have fast players in the offence and we will try to control them and dominate the game while creating many chances to score.

You dropped points against North Korea, is this a must win game for you?

Of course our objective is to win the game but it’s not a decisive game. All coaches are under pressure of course but the players must not be under pressure.

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