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Hassan Kourani: Sahel is my home, but I want the best for my career

Three things are certain: death, taxes and transfer rumors come June.

With all the uncertainties at Shabab Al Sahel and the rebuilding phase that Nejmeh is going through, it was a matter of time before rumors of Hassan Kourani moving to Al Manara spread out.

FaLebanon spoke to Kourani regarding the national team and his future.

How can you define your relationship with the newly appointed national team head coach Jamal Taha?

I have a very good relationship with him. Coach Taha was the coach who gave me my first chance at the senior level back when he managed Shabab al Sahel. During that season, I won the league’s Best Young Player of the Year award.

It’s good to give a Lebanese coach the opportunity to work with the National Team. In my opinion, a Lebanese coach would be more aware of all the circumstances and difficulties that a Lebanese player may go through, giving him an edge in knowing how to cope with him.

Coach Jamal is an excellent coach, he knows how to motivate his players and how to communicate with them. I wish him all the best.

What do you think you need to work on in order to become a starter with the NT?

Honestly, I am doing all that needs to be done. I am training every day. Back when the league was still going on, I was able to leave my mark in every game I played.

I always aim to enhance my skills and learn new ones. Whenever the concerning party calls me up to the NT, I will be ready.

What can you tell us about your future?

My contract with Shabab Al Sahel has expired at the end of May and I am a free player now. However, Al Sahel has been my home for almost a decade now, so I am waiting for the club to initiate contact about a new deal.

However, I have no problems negotiating with other clubs at the same time, but I will be waiting for Al Sahel too. Eventually, I will be choosing the best option for my career.

What do you look for in a club interested in your services?

My main concern is to get as much playing time as I can get. If I go for the bigger offer financially and end up not playing, I won’t get my contract renewed and I won’t get another good contract elsewhere. Money matters too, but the priority is to give me minutes.

Hassan Kourani (vs Shabab Ghazieh, 22/09/2019)

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