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Lebanese Abroad

Lebanese Player Abroad: September 2020, Week 1

Rabih Ataya, Alexander Michel Melki, Soony Saad played with their respective clubs.

Rabih Ataya is Fa Lebanon’s player of the week!

Malaysia Super League, Malaysia (tier 1 – Round 6)

Rabih Ataya – Uitm FC

Rabih Ataya is having a good season in Malaysia. Even if the Lebanese sports media is not talking about his performances – oh… wait! Do they talk about our players abroad? No, no, not at all – Rabih Ataya is shining . Uitm FC won 1-0 against Pahang FA. And no need to tell you that Ataya was behind the sole goal of the game.

Uitm FC are now ranked 4th! Incredible ranking for a team composed mostly of young players.

Qatar Stars League, Qatar (tier 1 – round 1)

Alexander Michel Melki, Al Khor

First game of the 2020/2021 season in Qatar.
Melki started as central defender. What is important to note is the huge fighting spirit of Melki! More than a player… a clever soldier! Great mix between the strength of the Vikings & the daring of the Phoenician.

Al Khor 2-1 Al Arabi SC

K-League 2, South Korea (tier 2 – Round 17)

Soony Saad – Ansan Greeners FC

Soony Saad’s season in South Korea is complicated. He is far away of being a regular starter! And let’s not talk about his stats… but we believe in him! Yalla Soony Yalla!
He played less than 10 minutes this week.
Chungnman Asan FC 1-1 Ansan Greeners FC.

Ansan Greeners FC… bottom of the table!


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