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Assaad Saccal tweets again..

Last night, while the whole world was stunned by the heavy defeats of Manchester United and Liverpool, Nejmeh chairman Asaad Saccal posted a tweet in which he denounces the corruption within Lebanese football. He wrote in Arabic: “We are working to implement all measures to confront the Corona pandemic and to protect the most popular game, but who will protect the future of football from the pandemic of manipulation and betting??”

But it wasn’t that clear for the fans who were a bit frustrated that Nejmeh president didn’t give any hint or evidence. The fans are asking themselves, is this a manoeuvre from Saccal to clear the average performance of Nejmeh against Safa?

On Twitter, fans replied to him directly:

“The match was not on betting sites … Check on this matter before throwing the charges”

“The same story every year. Please show your strength in the pitch”

“President, I will not post a tweet if I do not have clear evidence”

“FIFA must open an investigation into the Liverpool and Aston Villa match?
Every year, every loss, and every failure, is because of the referees, or bets, or players selling matches.”

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