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26 players were called-up in the U-22 national team training

At the end of September, Roda Antar, who was named coach for the U22 national team. On August 23, he resigned to become Ahed’s coach and the U22 coaching job is still vacant.

The training will be a good way for the technical direction and the players to know more each other’s and at the same time for the players to foster the team spirit and cohesion.

Concerning the list, all the players are involving in the Lebanese Premier League. The surprise is the presence of three players from Shabab Al Bourj. The club with the most called-up players are Nejmeh with five! Their rivals Ansar have only two called-up players. Logically, Ahed and Safa have three each. The only Lebanese Players Club with 0 called-up player is Shabab Al Sahel which is a bit surprising due to the fact that Sahel is known to be a club which traditionally gives chance to young players to shine.

In the first week of the Lebanese Football League, 3 called-up players scored: Mahmoud Kaawar, Hussein Awada and Daniel Abou Fakher.

Concerning the goalkeepers, two of them played with their respective teams: Mohamad Bechara, and Antoine Douaihy.

The list:

– Nejmeh: Mehdi Zein, Andrew Sawaya, Mahmoud Kaawar, Mohammad Bechara, Khalil Bader.

– Shabab Al Bourj:  Mehdi Tlays Abou Mohsen, Issa Nadi, Hussein Awada.

– Safa: Kassem Hayek, Youssef El Haj, Mohammad Shour.

– Ahed: Jamil Ibrahim, Ali El Haj, Mohammad Hayek.

– Bourj: Zein Farran, Ali Kiki.

– Tadamon Sour: Hassan Sharqawi, Abbas Sharqawi.

– Tripoli: Hassan Qraytem, Jihad Eid.

– Salam Zgharta: Antoine Douaihy, Imad Karimeh.

– Akhaa Ahli Aley: Daniel Abou Fakher.

– Ansar: Hassan Kaafarani, Hadi Mortada.

– Shabab Al Ghazieh: Hadi Madi.

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