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21 players called-up to the national team

The Lebanese Football Association have announced the 21 local-based players who will participate in three training sessions on October 19 and 26, and November 2 at the Antonine University Stadium in Baabda ahead of the Dubai’s camp from November 9 to 16, and the friendly game there against Bahrain on November 12.

List squad:


Ali Daher (Shabab Al Sahel, 23-year-old, 1 appearance)

Mehdi Khalil (Ahed, 29-year-old, 39 appearances)

Mostafa Matar (Tripoli, 25-year-old, 2 appearances)

Ali Sabeh (Nejmeh, 26-year-old, 1 appearance).


Abdallah Aich (Nejmeh, 26-year-old, 1 appearance)

Hassan Chaito “Shibriko” (Ansar, 29-year-old, 9 appearances),

Nour Mansour (Ahed, 31-year-old, 52 appearances, 2 goals)

Nassar Nassar (Ansar, 28-year-old, 10 appearances)

Maher Sabra (Nejmeh, 28-year-old, 3 appearances)

Zein Tahan (Safa, 30-year-old, 33 appearances, 1 goal)

Hussein Zein (Ahed, 26-year-old, 4 appearances).


Abbas Assi (Shabab Al Sahel, 26-year-old, 0 appearance)

Hassan Cheaito “Moni” (Ansar, 31-year-old, 54 appearances, 6 goals)

Mohammad Haidar (Ahed, 31-year-old, 64 appearances, 4 goals)

Ahmad Jalloul (Safa, 28-year-old, 14 appearances)

Nader Matar (Ansar, 28-year-old, 33 appearances, 2 goals)

Hussein Rizk (Shabab Al Sahel, 23-year-old, 1 appearance).


Karim Darwich (Ansar, 22-year-old, 0 appearance)

Mohammad Jalal Kdouh (Ahed, 24-year-old, 8 appearances, 1 goal)

Hassan Maatouk (Ansar, 33-year-old, 84 appearances, 21 goals)

Mahmoud Siblini (Nejmeh, 27-year-old, 4 appearances, 1 goal).

This list may surprise in that it contains only one central defender, but it’s normal because the known faces all evolve abroad: Joan Oumari, Kassem Zein, Alexander Michel Melki.  Maher Sabra can also evolve in this position.

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