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Lebanese Premier League

Observations from match day 3

Matchday 3 just ended and we noticed some interesting things that happened in our stadiums.

At the Merdeshiyeh Stadium, Oscar Ghantous was subbed out for the first time in his senior career. He was replaced by none other than his older brother, Cesar Ghantous (19 Years).

Credits to Fatima Azizi

Tripoli won for the first time in over 5 years at Zgharta and won for the first time since the 2016/17 against Salam Zgharta in the Premier League

In that game, Tripoli scored for the first time in this season. The goal was scored by Alaa Ezzo.

Akhaa Ahli Aley got a point against Shabab Al Sahel with 0 shots on target. The game ended 1-1.

The Ahed’s bad run at Tyre Stadium continue for the 4th game after drawing 0-0 with Tadamon Sour

Maatouk scored a brace against Shabab Ghazieh: The first one assisted by Ahmad Hijazi and the second one assisted by … the air?

2 own goals were scored in the premier league for the first time this season: the first scored by Ali Abboud (Shabab Sahel) and the second by Mostafa Chamaa (Safa).

11 players are in danger of missing a game due to the accumulation of Yellow Cards: Mohammad Kassem (Bourj), Ali Bitar, Moussa Zayyat (Tadamon Sour), Saad Youssef (Shabab Bourj), Zouheir Abdallah (Shabab Sahel), Jihad Ayoub (Ansar), Mohammad Maksoud (Tripoli), Mohammad Korhani (Akhaa Ahli Aley), Hadi Madi (Shabab Ghazieh), Akram Moghrabi and Youssef Al Hajj (Safa).

Another player got a red card this week and it’s Hussein Sayed from Shabab Ghazieh.

Ansar is the only team yet to concede this season. Salam Zgharta and Tadamon Sour still haven’t found the back of the net.

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