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Ahed personnel react to the team loss against Ansar

For the first time in a couple of years, Ahed were not the favorites as they stepped into the pitch. Come the 22nd minute, Kdouh’s wonder goal boosted their hopes up to win the game but a red card, back-to-back goals from Hijazi and Maatouk and then a penalty goal by Maatouk were enough to secure the 3 points for the green team.

The drama didn’t stop there. Many Ahed personnel took their social media platforms to speak their mind about the game.

President Tamim Sleiman wrote a message sent to the players and coaching staff, in which he stated that they’re the synonym of bravery and that he’s proud of them.

Director Mohammad Sherri wrote a message for the refereeing committee on his facebook account, in which he held full responsibility for his altercation with the referee and the result while also calling the lead referee “narcistic, arrogant and thinks he’s bigger than the Lebanese premier league.”

Mohammad Kdouh posted an Instagram story in which he stated that Ahed were playing against 11 players and 4 referees. He later deleted his story.

Mehdi Khalil took Instagram also to post a photo of himself in the game with the caption “Hamdilullah always, there’s ease with every hardship”

Hussein Dakik also posted an Instagram message for the fans in which he apologized for not winning and promised that they players would do anything for the club and president.

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