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Match Report: Lebanon vs Bahrain 1-3

Ali Daher, Hussein Zein, Maher Sabra, Nour Mansour, Nassar Nassar, Mohammad Ali Dhaini, Nader Matar, Hassan Maatouk, Bassel Jradi Soony Saad, Mohammad Kdouh started for Lebanon.

In the first half, the game was about to go one way or another but Lebanon opened the score in the 44th minute thanks to a goal by Mohammad Kdouh following an action initiated by Nassar Nassar and Soony Saad.

In the minute 53, Mohammad Kdouh was closed to score his second goal of the game but Hachem Sayed scored for Bahrain after a counter-attack.

In the minute 58, Kamil Al-Aswad scored a free-kick for Bahrain.

In the minute 65, Hussein Monzer replaced Soony Saad, and Hassan Cheaito “Moni” replaced Mohammad Ali Dhaini.

In the minute 76, Zein Tahan replaced Bassel Jradi.

In the minute 81, Hassan Maatouk was close to equalize!

In the minute 82, Bahrain scored their third goal via a long shot by Mohammad Jassem Marhoon.

In the minute 85, Khaled Mohssen replaced Mohammad Kdouh, and Karim Darwiche replaced Nader Matar.

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