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Lebanese Premier League

Which club is the best in the last 25 years?

24 seasons have been fully played since the implementation of the 3-points system in the 1994-95 season. The current season, 2020-2021, isn’t included, also the 2000-2001 season isn’t included after it was cancelled by the federation. In those seasons, we could find a lot of interesting facts and numbers:

28 clubs were playing in the first division. Majed, Tripoli SC and Olympic Beirut are considered to be only one club.

16 seasons were played with 12 clubs in the league, while 14 clubs were present in 5 seasons. 3 leagues were played with less than 12 clubs; 2 seasons had only 11 clubs present and 1 had just 10 clubs present.

Of those 28, only 3 clubs featured in each season; Nejmeh, Ansar & Ahed. Tadamon Sour comes 4th with 22 seasons while Ahed and Shabab Al Sahel come fifth with 21 seasons. No other club has played more than 18 seasons

We’ve had 5 different title winners. Ahed and Ansar won it 7 times, Nejmeh won it 6 times while Safa won 3 titles and Tripoli (Olympic Beirut at the time) won it a lonely time.

Ahli Saida were the club that were the most demoted from the Premier league with 6 times in just 8 seasons. Salam Zgharta comes second with 5 in 16 seasons.

The difference between the 4th and 5th in the all-time table since 1994-95 is 73 points.

The biggest point tally in one season is 65 points, when Ansar won the title in 1996-97 in a 14-club season. In a 12-Club season, the biggest point tally is 59 in 2018-19 when Ahed won the league for the 7th time in this era.

The top 12 teams in those 24 seasons are as shown below:

Premier League Top Scorers


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