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The U-22 national team squad announced

Lebanon will face Iraq on January 5 and 9 in the stadium of Karbala. The two games will be preparatory for the upcoming competition as Iraq are known to be good at youth levels. The Cedars will participate next October in the 2022 AFC U-23 Asian Cup.

The coaching staff have called-up 23 players.

Hassan Srour, Ahed midfield player, who caught the covid-19 won’t be able to join the national team.

Due to the restrictions, the goalkeeper Tarek Najia and the striker Hady Ghandour cannot leave Great Britain.

The called-up players are:

Hadi Mortada (Ansar)
Mohammad Zaher (Sporting)
Mohammad Bechara (Nejmeh)
Hadi Madi (Chabab Ghazieh)
Mohammad Al Husseini (Ahed)
Hassan Kraytem (Tripoli)
Andrew Sawaya (Nejmeh)
Mohammad Hayek (Ahed)
Youssef Al Haj (Safa)
Zain El Abidin Farran (Bourj)
Mahdi Zein (Nejmeh)
Karim Mekkaoui (Racing)
Khalil Bader (Nejmeh)
Hussein Fahes (Sagesse)
Daniel Abou Fakher (Akhaa Ahli Aley)
Mohammad Shour (Safa)
Kassem Hayek (Safa)
Ali Al Haj (Safa)
Mohammad Nasser (Bourj)
Hussein Awada (Shabab Al Bourj)
Hassan Kanaan (Free Agent)
Ali Kharroubi (Akhaa Ahli Aley)
Hassan Sharqawi (Tadamon Sour)
Mehdi Tlays (Shabab Al Bourj)
Toni Mikhael (Canada)


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