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Who is absent from the national team?

A new FIFA day window comes by and 24 players were called-up. A lot of players were omitted from selection for various reasons.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still very real. A lot of countries imposed very strict rules trying to fight it. FIFA’s latest decision gave the right to the clubs to refuse their players joining their National Team if their country imposes a quarantine period after travelling. That rule saw Rabih Ataya, Joan Oumari, Kassem Zein and Alexander Melki out of the selection process. It is strange that Kassem was not allowed to travel to UAE from Kuwait while the Kuwaiti National Team will face Lebanon in Dubai.

On the other hands, Hussein Rizk recently underwent a surgery. He will be sidelined for almost 6 months, that’s why he wasn’t called up to the two friendlies this week and probably will miss the qualifiers in June.

Other players were called up last time to Bahrain and not this window. Khaled Mohssen didn’t show up probably because his league is suspended, and he isn’t fit. We can attribute the same reason behind the absence of Soony Saad.

Mohammad Zein Tahan and Ahmad Jalloul were not called up this time. This is surely the coach’s choice as they played full game against Ansar a couple of days ago.

Although it’s unfortunate for these players to not represent the Cedars this week, it would be a good opportunity to see new faces wearing the jersey and representing the country.

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