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What are the chances of the Lebanese clubs to proceed?

No wins are yet to be recorded in Group A (Ahed’s group). Only one match left which is between Ahed and Hidd (Bahrain). Ahed needs to win in order to secure the top of the group. For coming second, Ahed needs to get a point and score at least 2 goals. It’s highly unlikely for the best second finisher to be from this group.

Ansar’s group is more complicated. Two ways for Ansar to secure first position of the table: A win vs Muharraq and Balata Center dropping points in the final gameweek or both matches of the group end in a draw.

If Al Salt and Ansar win, then Ansar would come second. This scenario could mean that Ansar claims best second unless Faissaly draws with Kuwait and Tishreen loses (This means that all group results vs Tishreen in Group C will not be considered).

Ahed have their fate in their hand while Ansar must hope for other results to go their way in order to secure their first ever AFC Cup knock-out round appearance.


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