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How can Lebanon qualify to the third round?

Lebanon can still advance to the third round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers even after the 3-2 loss against Turkmenistan.

The first scenario is to win vs South Korea on June 13.

The second scenario is to wait for favorable results from other groups, in order to be among the best five-places runners-up.

Lebanon has now 10 points and a goaldifference of +4 in the table of the runner-ups

In Group A, China has 7 points and a goaldifference of +6. They will face Maldives and Syria. Most likely China will have at least 10 points and a better goaldifference than Lebanon.

In Group B, the best result is a draw between Jordan and Kuwait. In this way, Lebanon might have more points than Jordan or Kuwait. If from this meeting, a winner emerge, the goaldifference will be crucial.

In Group C, if Iraq wins Iran, Lebanon will have one more point than Iran.

In Group D, Uzbekistan has a better goaldifference than us. The best result is a win from Saudi Arabia against Uzbekistan. By this way, Lebanon will have at least one more point than Uzbekistan.

In Group E, Oman will have most likely 12 points.

In Group F, Tajikistan won’t reach 10 points.

In Group G, there are two scenarios. The first scenario is a draw between Vietnam and Malaysia, and a defeat of Vietnam against UAE. Lebanon will therefore have more points than Vietnam, the runner ups of that group. The second scenario is a defeat of UAE against Vietnam — therefore UAE will stay second with 9 points.

2022 WC Qualification Table



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