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What to watch tomorrow?

12 teams will advance to the third round of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification and therefore qualify to the 2023 AFC Asian Cup. Those teams are the 7 group winners and the 5 best runners-up (Qatar will not participate in the third round as they will host the World Cup).

In the runners-up ranking, the results against the fifth ranked team of each group will be cancelled.

What matters for Lebanon is to stay among the five best runners-up.

The runners-up ranking is as follows:

  1. Lebanon. 10 points (Goaldifference: +4). 1 game left
  2. Uzbekistan. 9 points (Goaldifference: + 6). 1 game left.
  3. UAE. 9 points (Goaldifference: + 5). 1 game left.
  4. Iran. 9 points (Goaldifference: + 6). 1 game left.
  5. Oman. 9 points (Goaldifference: +3). 1 game left.
  6. China. 7 points (Goaldifference: +6). 2 games left.
  7. Jordan. 7 points (Goaldifference: + 5). 2 games left.
  8. Tajikistan. 4 points (Goaldifference: -6). 1 game left.

The “easiest” way is to win South Korea on June 13. A draw against South Korea will increase the chances of the Cedars. A defeat is not eliminatory, but our destiny will fully depend on the results of the other groups. That’s why it’s important to watch some games tomorrow.

Group F: Little hope for Tajikistan

On June 11, the first game to be played is between Myanmar and Kyrgyzstan at 10 Am. A draw or a win of Myanmar will mean that Mongolia will stay at the 5th position. In this very probable situation, Lebanon will be secured a better ranking than Tajikistan.

Group C: Can Hong Kong create a surprise?

At 7:30 pm, Iraq will face Hong Kong. A draw will put Iraq in a difficult situation ahead of facing Iran on June 15.

Group G: Yalla Malaysia!

At 7:45pm, an important game will take place between Malaysia and Vietnam. A draw or a victory of Malaysia will put Vietnam in a difficult situation ahead of facing the UAE on June 15.

Groups A and E: Impossible but who knows?

At 8 pm, China will play Maldives, and Oman will play Afghanistan. An easy game for China and Oman on paper.

China know that they won’t be able to make a wrong step against Maldives.

Oman will have a lot pressure against Afghanistan. In case of a defeat, Oman will stay with 9 points.

Group D: The rain before the storm

At 9pm, Uzbekistan will meet Yemen, and Saudi Arabia will meet Singapore.

Two easy games on paper for Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia.

What matters for Lebanon is a Saudi win over Uzbekistan on June 15.

Group B: The long-awaited match

At 10pm, Lebanese fans will start watching the opening game of the Euro and at the same have an eye of the meeting between Jordan and Kuwait.

The best scenario for Lebanon is a draw between Jordan and Kuwait, or a win of Kuwait.


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