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Jordan and Kuwait draw 0-0

After tonight’s results, the runners-up ranking is as follows:

  1. Oman. 12 points (+4).
  2. China. 10 points (+11)
  3. Lebanon. 10 points (+4)
  4. Uzbekistan. 9 points (+6)
  5. UAE. 9 points (+5)
  6. Iran. 9 points (+6)
  7. Jordan. 8 points (+5)
  8. Kyrgyzstan. 4 points (-3).

All teams have one game left to play except Oman.

There are a lot of possible scenarios. However according to the calculations of FA Lebanon, Lebanon can qualify with 10 points if:

Lebanon don’t lose by more than 4 goals against South Korea. It matters in case Tajikistan are the runners-up of the Group F.

Fulfillment of two of this following 4 options: Jordan does not win against Australia / Saudi Arabia beat Uzbekistan / Vietnam beats UAE / or Iraq beat Iran.

In case of a draw against South Korea, Lebanon will increase his chance to advance. In case of a win, Lebanon will secure his qualification.


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