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Updates on the Lebanese Head Coach position

In less than two months, Lebanon will start the final round of the Asian Qualifiers against UAE coached by Bert van Marwijk, the finalist of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Meanwhile, who will lead the Lebanese national is still unclear. The Lebanese Football Association officials haven’t announced officially that they are looking to replace Jamal Taha. However, according to sources from within the federation, the priority is to have a foreign coach in charge of the Cedars.

Alot of false rumours were spread in the last couple of days, including that the LFA has contacted the french coach Claude le Roi. A source close to the federation have informed Fa Lebanon that Jamal Taha may stay in case there is no suitable replacement. Jamal Taha still have the support of some really important players. Fa Lebanon have also been informed that there is a lobbying asking for a return of the Romanian coach Liviu Ciobotariu.

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