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Lebanese Football Second Division – Week 2 – Results and Standings

Ahly Saida 4-1 Ahly Nabatieh

(Mazen Jamal, Mohamad Saleh, Samir Abou Rizk X2 / Ibrahim Diabate)

Borj 2-0 Sagesse (Ali Fakih X2)

Nahda Ber Elias 3-2 Homenetmen (Fadi Abbas, Bilal Sleiman, Mohamad Ftouh/ Sami)

Ijtimaee Tripoli 0-2 Shabab Al Arabi (Frederic Ousou X2)

Islah Borj Al Shemali 1-0 Shabab Al Borj (Ahmad Ismail)

Mabarra 0-1 Nasr Ber Elias (Rami Kadri)

Islah Borj Al Shemali 6 points (+2)

Borj 4 points (+2)

Nahda Ber Elias 4 points (+1)

Ahly Saida 3 points (+2)

Shabab Al Arabi 3 points (+1)

Mabarra 3 points

Shabab Al Borj 3 points

Nasr Ber Elias 3 points

Homenetmen 1 point (-1)

Ijtimaee Tripoli 1 point (-2)

Sagesse 1 point (-2)

Ahly Nabatieh 1 point (-3)


3- Samir Abou Rizk (Ahly Saida), Sami Bia (Homenetmen)

2: Frederic Osou (Shabab Al Arabi), Ali Fakih (Borj).

1- Mohamad Yassine, Ahmad Ismail (Islah Borj Al Shemali), Hassan Khatoun (Shabab Al Borj), Augustin (Sagesse), Sami Bia, Wissam Nasr, Ali Chehab (Mabarra), Mazen Jamal, Mohamad Saleh (Ahly Saida), Ibrahim Diabate (Ahly Nabatieh), Hussein Hawa, Rami Kadri (Nasr Ber Elias) Fadi Abbas, Bilal Sleiman, Mohamad Ftouh (Nahda Ber Elias), Joseph Mansah (Ijtimaee Tripoli).


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