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2018-19 Lebanese Second Division Round 4 Results, Standings and Top Scorer


Sagesse 1-0 Nasr Ber Elias

Nahda Ber Elias 1-1 Islah Borj Al Shemali

Ijtimaee 3-1 Mabara

Shabab Al Arabi 1-0 Homenetmen

Shabab Al Borj 6-2 Ahly Nabatieh

Borj 2-0 Ahly Saida


Top scorers:

4- Sami Bia (Homenetmen)

3- Samir Abou Rizk (Ahly Saida), Joseph Ensah (Ijtimaee Tripoli), Frederic Osou (Shabab Al Arabi, Haydar Awada (Ahly Nabatieh)

Pic: Shabab Al Arabi (Fadi Marak)


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