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Head Coach Emile Restoum

lib Lebanon
Past Teams
Ansar, Lebanon, Nejmeh, Safa, Shabab Al Sahel

Emile Boulos Rustom is a Lebanese football coach and former player who is currently the manager of Lebanese Premier League club Safa.
After playing with Sagesse for 22 years, and the Lebanon national team for nine, he became Sagesse’s coach in 2005. He then coached Nejmeh, Shabab Sahel, Safa, and Ansar. He is the first coach to win the Lebanese Premier League with two different teams (Nejmeh SC and Safa SC), as well as the first coach to coach both cross-city rivals Nejmeh and Ansar. Rustom also coached Lebanon, from 2008 to 2011.

Rustom is the father of Paul, a former Lebanese Premier League and Lebanon national team player.


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