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Lebanese Premier League

The 2020-21 season in numbers

For the first time since 2007, Ansar has won the Premier League after a fight with second place Nejmeh, that didn’t end until the end of the last game. Here are some numbers from this campaign.

211 goals were scored this season, that’s 2.2 goals per game. We had 93 different goal scorers this season and 8 of these goals were own goals scored by 8 different players.

332 cards were shown this season, 325 of them were yellow. No player was shown the red card twice.

Most goals scored:

Ansar 37 goals
Nejmeh 31 goals
Safa 25 goals

Most goals conceded:

Salam Zgharta 50 goals
Chabab Ghazieh 26 goals
Safa 25 goals (vs Tadamon Sour ended 2-0 and was later changed to 3-0 due to a technical breach from Tadamon)

Most wins:

Ansar 13 wins
Nejmeh 10 wins
Shabab Sahel 8 wins

Most losses:

Salam Zgharta 15 losses
Chabab Ghazieh 11 losses
Tripoli 7 losses

Longest winning streak:

Ansar 4 wins
Nejmeh 4 wins

Longest undefeated streak:

Nejmeh 15 games (Week 1 to Week 15)
Shabab Sahel 10 games (Week 1 to Week 10)
Akhaa 8 games (Week 1 to Week 8)
Ansar 8 games (Week 9 to Week 16)

Longest losing streak:

Salam Zgharta 12 losses (Week 5 to Week 16)
Chabab Ghazieh 5 losses (Week 3 to Week 7)
Shabab Sahel 4 losses (Week 13 to Week 16)

Top scorers:

Hassan Maatouk 14 goals
Adnan Melhem 10 goals
Mohammad Kdouh 7 goals

Most assist makers:

Hassan Maatouk 7 assists
Mohammad Haidar 6 assists
Khaled Takaji 6 assists

Top cleansheets keeper:

Ali Daher 10 clean sheets
Abdelkarim Saleh 9 cleansheets
Nazih Assaad 8 cleansheets

Most yellow cards:

Jihad Ayoub 8 yellow cards
Zouhair Abdallah 8 yellow cards
Mohammad Maksoud 5 yellow cards


Nejmeh 21 yellow cards
Chabab Ghazieh 22 cards (21 Yellows)
Salam Zgharta 24 yellow cards

Teams with most yellow cards:

Safa 37 yellow cards
Ansar 32 yellow cards
Akhaa Ahli Aley 30 yellow cards

29 players appeared 16 times this season, 8 of them played all minutes (1440):

Abbas Assi
Ali Daher
Ali “Sisi” Tneich
Habib Choueikh
Hassan Hazimeh
Mohammad Zein Tahan
Said Awada
Shaker Wehbe

Premier League Top Scorers


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