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Third round of 2022 World Cup qualifiers

Historically, this is our second time in the third round of qualifiers. This time we will face Syria, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Iran.

We have faced Syria 26 times before, winning only 4 times. This is the first time we will face each other in a World Cup qualifier.

Iraq will also be in our group. We faced each other 17 times and won only once. This will also be our first World Cup qualifier encounter.

Against the UAE, we won once out of 11 matches. In the final round of the 2014 qualifiers, both teams traded wins at home.

The recurrent match-up is against South Korea. Just like for the 2014 qualifiers, we will have faced them 4 times in these qualifiers. Overall, 12 of our 13 games were played in World Cup qualifiers; our only win came in the famous 2-1 victory in Beirut in 2011.

The last team in our group is Iran. Lebanon and Team Melli, met each other 10 times, 2 of which in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers. We only won once.

When do the games take place?

Matchday 1 – 2 September 2021: UAE vs Lebanon
Matchday 2 – 7 September 2021: Lebanon vs South Korea
Matchday 3 – 7 October 2021: Iraq vs Lebanon
Matchday 4 – 12 October 2021: Syria vs Lebanon
Matchday 5 – 11 November 2021: Lebanon vs Iran
Matchday 6 – 16 November 2021: Lebanon vs UAE
Matchday 7 – 27 January 2022: South Korea vs Lebanon
Matchday 8 – 1 February 2022: Lebanon vs Iraq
Matchday 9 – 24 March 2022: Lebanon vs Syria
Matchday 10 – 29 March 2022: Iran vs Lebanon

2022 WC Qualification Table



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