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One more match in June

As part of the qualifiers for the FIFA Arab Cup, Lebanon will face Djibouti on June 23 in Doha.

This date means that in 16 days, Lebanon will have to play four matches including three matches — the 7th against Sri Lanka, the 11th against Turkmenistan and the 15th against South Korea — as part of the qualifiers for the World Cup in South Korea.

Against Djibouti, Jamal Taha will count on fewer players since the match are not included in the FIFA Days. Therefore foreign clubs, especially European ones, are not obliged to let players participate with the national team. However, since it’s the off-season in many countries, it seems like some players could be available.

Jamal Taha will be also able to select additional players against Djibouti. The key factor that the coach must take into consideration is the fatigue of the players, especially those of Ahed and Ansar who will have played the group matches of the AFC Cup in the last week of May.

Regarding Djibouti, the local championship ended on April 24. The African Football Confederation decided to postpone the FIFA World Cup African Qualifiers to September due to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

if case of qualification, Lebanon will be in the group of Egypt, Algeria and the winner between Libya and Sudan in December.

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