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Should Reda Khadra join the Lebanese national team?

Yesterday, Reda Khadra was subbed on in the 86th minute for his team, Brighton Albion, against Manchester City, in the English Premier League.

Khadra isn’t the first player of Lebanese origins to play in the Premier League. Miguel Layún had played 3 games with Watford in the 2015-16 season. Like Miguel, Reda used his other nationality (in his case, German) to register in the Premier League.

When the news broke out about him moving to Brighton’s U-23s, many Lebanese fans asked for him to join the Lebanese national team. Just like Amin Younes, his priority lies with the German national team, as specified by sources close to him.

The decision to represent a country could be critical for your career. Having a German passport is an important factor to have a career in Europe: Amin Younes is an example. On the other hand, a Lebanese nationality could be vital if one is looking to have a career in the Far East for example.

With the career projectory that Khadra has, it’s highly unlikely to see him representing Lebanon, even if it’s possible for him to play more international games with Lebanon. However, being known as a German player is worth more for his career than an international career with Lebanon.

He may indeed become a Lebanese international in a latter stage of his career, at an age where he loses all hope to represent Germany, but would it be too late for the national team to benefit from his presence?


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