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National team press conference: Jamal Taha’s strategy

National coach Jamal Taha praised the Chairman of the National Team, Dr. Mazen Kobeissi, at the press conference held this morning at the Federation’s headquarters.

Dr. Mazen Kobeissi: We thank the sports media who have responded to the invitation to announce the presentation of Coach Jamal Taha and the technical staff.

The Lebanese Football Association invites all club coaches to help take the game to a more advanced stage.

We have taken many decisions regarding the league and have the word of the club coaches to apply our new plan to move Lebanese football in the right direction.

We have confidence in the technical staff to apply the federation’s project.

Coach Jamal Taha: I thank the Lebanese Football Association for putting their trust in the technical staff.

I am in this position today as others will be in the coming years, and we will keep the concept of a national coach alive.

We have a lot of work to do for this season, and I have prepared a plan explaining our readiness and our vision for the future and for the World Cup 2022 and AFC Cup 2023 qualifiers.

Our goal is to prepare the national team by finding some of the best members for the job.

We plan on lowering the average age of the senior national team from now until 2023.

We have put a working plan in place to call up 25 players starting next Monday to become familiar with their skills.

We will follow the local league and include and encourage younger players.

We will follow up with the youth leagues, contact the coaches for all the updates, and give more chances to the young players

We will continue our search for Lebanese players abroad who will serve as pillars for the national team.

Cooperating with the Olympic and youth team coaches will help us picture the future of the national team.

An evaluation session will take place after the first round of the league to have a better picture of the players and be able to pick out names.

We are confident enough and will cooperate with the clubs, media, and academies to reach our goal. The most important thing is to close the gap between the senior and youth national teams. A lot of work awaits us for raising up the national team after the crises our country has been through, and we will make sure to stay in contact with everyone.

Our preparations for the World Cup and AFC qualifiers will be through following all the teams and their matches before the start of the league. The players will have physical tests. We will establish internal and external training camps during the FIFA days, and it will be our only chance to get together before the Turkmenistan match.

We will also work on following up with the National Team players throughout the league, and set up national team training sessions with dates that will later be decided upon with the players abroad.

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