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Another delegation member isolated

Photo Credits: Lebanese Football Association

Lebanon’s physical therapist, Elie Metni, was quarantined on the morning of June 9 before going to the stadium ahead of the decisive game against Turkmenistan.

According to Korean authorities, the person sitting in front of him in the plane of Doha – Seoul was tested positive for Covid-19. Elie Metni initially thought it was a joke because it has been over a week since the plane landed. Sadly, Elie Metni has been placed in quarantine. He is the second member of the delegation to be placed in quarantine after Bassel Jradi.

However, Metni and Jradi both joined the other members of the delegation at the back of the plane which was empty. Due to lack of evidences, the Korean authorities refused to modify their decision.

All PCR tests — more than ten — of Metni and Jradi came back negative. What is even stranger is that the Korean authorities refused to acknowledge Elie Metni’s vaccination certificate. Korean authorities do not accept a certificate that was not issued from Korea.

The Korean authorities justify themselves by saying that they are applying the protocol. South Korea is giving the Lebanese delegation a nightmare.

The Lebanese national team will leave Seoul on June 14, but the quarantaine of Metni and Jradi ends on June 15. We can only hope from the Korean authorities will let them join the rest of the delegation on June 14.

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